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ARTE VIVA MUSIC  |  Sibusiso Mash Mashiloane

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Image: Simanga Zondo


South Africa  |  Jazz, South African Jazz


Pianist and composer, Sibusiso Mash Mashiloane, is a player of astonishing skill and passion. Steeped in South African music tradition, he has spent years exploring his craft, driven by a most profound desire to explore what it is that makes music sound like 'home'.  The depth and breadth of his musical knowledge is impressive but it is his live performances that are absolutely electrifying.  From the most delicate piano evocations to his vibrant participatory compositions that include African percussion bracelets around his stamping ankles to elicit call and response, audiences are entranced by his playing and personality.


Mashiloane is a prolific composer and songwriter and has recorded and released an album a year since 2016.  To date he has won 6 awards and been nominated for another 8, including by the South African (SAMA), Urban Music, Mzantsi Jazz and AFRIMA Awards.  His sixth and latest album, ‘Music From My People’ continues his explorations into the theme of home and reflects the composer’s sonic collaboration, geographic travel and intergenerational inspiration and influence.  He is currently completing his PhD which, through the lens of South African Jazz, focuses on the nostalgia-seeped themes of home that Mashiloane finds himself instinctively returning to.


He has performed all over South Africa and in countries including the USA, Tanzania, Swaziland and Mozambique.  He has collaborated with artists such as Matchume (Mozambique) and Mandla Mlangeni (SA) and indeed, counts as part of his regular band some of the top SA musicians including bassist Dalisu Ndlazi, percussionist Tlale Makhene, saxophonist Buddy Wells and vocalist / trombonist Siya Makuzeni.  Mashiloane's name is now synonymous with the South African Jazz scene, and as a player who is respected by musicians and loved by audiences, he is perfectly poised for the next stage of of a career that is on a rapid upward trajectory.


"A fabulous ride on a scintillating combination of energy and sound... the joy of listening to a passionate, innovative and confident musician is hard to beat.  It's a form of transport to another place where only music exists and every note counts."
Gisele Turner, Going Places SA

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  • Mzantsi Jazz Awards for Best Contemporary Jazz album (2022 & 2017), Best Jazz Song & Best Jazz Album (2017) and Best Male Jazz Artist (2019)

  • Nominated for Best Male South African Jazz at AFRIMA Awards (2018)

  • Performances at Cape Town International Jazz Festival (SA),
    Sauti Za Busara (Zanzibar), Essence Jazz Festival (USA), Smalls Jazz Club (New York, USA) and The Orbit (SA) 

  • Holds a Master’s degree in Jazz
    (Cum Laude)

  • SAMRO Overseas Scholarship Competition Finalist - received two merit awards.

  • UKZN Cultural Exchange Program with the Common Wealth University (USA)


  • Music from My People (2022)

  • Ihubo Labomdabu (2021)

  • Amanzi Nemifula (2019)

  • Closer to Home (2018)

  • Rotha - A Tribute to Mama (2017)

  • Amaz’Olwande (2016)


  • Mozambique, Tanzania, USA and Zanzibar

  • Brazil tour in 2020 cancelled due to the pandemic


  • Duo: Piano & Voice or Piano & Percussion

  • Trio: Piano, Percussion, Vocals

  • Quartet: Piano, Bass, Drums, Vocals

  • Quintet: Piano, Bass, Drums, Sax / Trumpet, Vocals

  • Sextet: Piano, Bass, Drums, Sax / Trumpet, Percussion, Vocals

  • Septet: Piano, Bass, Drums, Sax, Trumpet, Percussion, Vocals

  • Octet: Piano, Bass, Drums, Sax, Trumpet, Percussion, 2 x Vocals

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