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ARTE VIVA MUSIC  |  Hope Masike

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Zimbabwe  |  Afro-Mbira-Fusion


Hope Masike is hailed as one of Zimbabwe's Mbira music custodians, and is one of the country's most beloved performers.  Profoundly connected to and inspired by her heritage, Hope steps onto stage with a sensual sophistication,  as a proud woman of her land, drawing her inspiration from all things Art & Africa.  Her music is a fun-filled Afro-fusion hybrid of contemporary and traditional styles, tied together by her signature Mbira playing & sultry voice.   Her repertoire includes original music as well as her own arrangements of Zimbabwean and African classics.


Performing with her energetic band, Hope mostly sings in beautiful, little-known African languages like her mother tongue, Shona, and others such as isiNdebele and English.  The mbira, sometimes called a thumb piano, is her second voice and is traditional to the Shona people of Zimbabwe.  Emerging some 1300 years ago along the banks of the Zambezi river and traditionally played by men, Mbira music was endorsed by UNESCO on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2020.  The instrument produces delightfully pleasant and tranquil sounds and was often linked to ceremonial functions, with continuous singing, dancing, and playing music.  Nowadays, Hope brings that into her performances with her own glamour and unique style.  Fans know her concerts are about having fun, connecting to their spirituality and experiencing the beautiful Zimbabwean culture. 


Hope has collaborated with acclaimed artists including Salif Keita, the late Oliver Mtukuzi (who saw her as a musical daughter), Louis Mhlanga, Afro-Nordic outfit Monoswezi and Southern African group, Mahube. 


"An accomplished mbira player and vocalist with a watertight backing band, she balances tradition and experimentation to carry ancient rhythms effortlessly into the 21st century."
Liam Brickhill, Mail and Guardian

HOPE MASIKE - SHUWA (Official Video) ft. ExQ

HOPE MASIKE - SHUWA (Official Video) ft. ExQ
HOPE MASIKE - SHUWA (Official Video) ft. ExQ

HOPE MASIKE - SHUWA (Official Video) ft. ExQ

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Todzungaira | Hope Masike | Playing For Change | Live Outside

Todzungaira | Hope Masike | Playing For Change | Live Outside

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HOPE MASIKE - Ndinewe (Official Video)

HOPE MASIKE - Ndinewe (Official Video)

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  • The Exorcism of a Spinster (2019)

  • Mbira, Love & Chocolate (2012)

  • Hope (2009)


  • Ask Me Again (English Poetry) 2020

  • Dzevabvazera (Shona Poetry) 2020


  • New album due for release in late 2022 / early 2023 


  • Performance in Costa Rica for the International Day of People of African Descent (2021)

  • Performing with Salif Keita at HIFA- the Harare International Festival of the Arts (2015)

  • Performing for heads of state from across the world at the inauguration of Robert Mugabe (2013)


  • Canada, Costa Rica, France, Ghana, Italy, Mozambique, Norway, Serbia, South Africa, Swaziland, Sweden, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, USA, Zambia.

  • Expo Milan, Italy

  • Guba Awards, Ghana

  • Red Ribbon Concert, The Netherlands

  • Loganberry Festival, USA

  • Exit Fest, Serbia

  • Argo Festival, Mozambique

  • Africajarc Festival, France

  • Barefeet Festival, Zambia

  • Umoja CFC Festival, Mozambique

  • Incubate Global Mashup Festival


  • Hope Masike - mbira, lead vocals, dance

  • Abel Mafuleni - 2nd mbira, percussion, backing vocals

  • Ndomupaishe Chipendo - Alto Sax, dance, backing vocals

  • Florence Muteta - Soprano Sax, dance, backing vocals

  • Tino ‘Blawu’ Mawunganidze - Bass, backing vocals

  • Tafara Mthabisi Gumbo - drums


  • Sextet - mbira, 2nd mbira, vocals, drums, bass, alto sax, soprano sax

  • Quartet - mbira, 2nd mbira, alto sax and soprano sax / mbira, 2nd mbira, bass and drums

  • Trio - mbira, 2nd mbira, bass 

  • Solo - mbira, vocal - with or without loop station

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