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Date of Birth: 9 April 1997

Current Hair Colour: Ginger

Eye Colour: Green

Height: 1.62m

Frame: Slim / Athletic

Shirt / Dress: 10 

Trouser: 12

Shoe: 4 .5

Languages: English & Afrikaans (both fluent)

Accents: Standard & Southern American, Australian, French, Russian, Afrikaans

Performance Skills: ​Acting – Stage & Screen, singing (alto), voice work, physical theatre, movement, dance – basic ballet, modern / contemporary

Other Skills: Plays various instruments: piano, ukulele, guitar, clarinet. Song writing, spoken word & poetry, script writing, drawing, painting & multi-media.

Sports & Hobbies: Running – cross country, trail; ice-skating, cycling, hiking, yoga, swimming, rollerblading, long-boarding, pole dancing

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